Task Unicorn automates businesses to free owners from work overload


Task Unicorn begins where task-tracking tools end.

Track everything - built-in task management system to stay on top of your businesses entire to-do list.

Systemize your business - build workflows of your day to day tasks, to allow repeatability for you and your customers

Outsource low-value work - you should continually focus your time on the highest value work in your business. Everything else should be delegated to a more cost-effective source. Reminder services, follow-up services, booking services, market research, gift services, etc


How does Task Unicorn deliver its magic?


Handle calls and appointments

Send personalised gifts to your clients

Integrate clickable tasks in the calendar

And much more. Let your imagination go!


Our unicorn sends out biweekly potent content.

Yes, it does. With its hoof or horn, it doesn't matter. It does what unicorn does: to be and remain magical. It understands nobody wants spammy content. It collates and creates relevant content that makes you feel learned and growing. Leave your footprint below.



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